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Rotomolding Technologies is an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of machinery and rotomolding equipment, mechatronics equipment, industrial automation control systems, etc. It has senior engineers who have specialized in mechanical design for more than 20 years, and is engaged in industrial automation control systems. Industrial control experts with more than 10 years of design and strong technical force.

The control system of each type of equipment is independently developed by us. The control of each type of equipment is thoughtfully designed for users to be simple, convenient, fast and efficient.

According to market demand, we have developed equipment that can produce various special-shaped plastic parts, integrating the technology and wisdom of machinery and industrial control experts, with the concept of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving. 

Multilanguage support

Our equipment software has been perfectly translated to English. English tranlsated manual is attached.

CE Certification

All the equipment of our company has been certified in European Union


We provide one year of warranty for the whole machine and it’s parts and half an year for permanent after sales support.

Payment convenience

Pay safely. We accept TT payments. 30% before packaging and 70% after inspection before shipment.


Tower rotomolding machine; 3 stations and 4 stations are available

  1. Wind road
  2. Oven
  3. Cooling box
  4. Rotation car
  5. Center turret
  6. Rotation arm (Straigt and L-type)
  7. Guardrail
  8. Control system
  9. Loading / Unloading station
Item Price $, FOB SHANGHAI
KRTS1500 49879
KRTS2000 53442
KRTS2500 57004
KRTS3000 60567
KRTS3500 64130
KRTS4000 67693
KRTS4500 71256

Shuttle rotomolding machine: It can be equipped with an automatic program control system to increase output and reduce labor.

  1. Oven
  2. Wind road
  3. Folding door
  4. Rotation car
  5. Rotation arm (Straigt and L-type)
  6. Loading / Unloading station
  7. Control system 
Item Price $, FOB SHANGHAI
KRCS1600 44535
KRCS2000 48097
KRCS2500 51660
KRCS3000 55223
KRCS3500 58786
KRCS4000 62349
KRCS4500 65911
The production cycle is about 1 month, and the delivery and debugging will take about a week.

The mobile oven rotomolding machine (with U-shaped arms, L-shaped arms and straight arms for customers to choose and match) has 3 stations and 4 stations for choice

Serial numberNameModelFeaturesRemarks
1Reducer4kWMain and auxiliary shaft drive motorRidson
2Reducer750WDoor and trolley walking motorTai Chen
3Circulation fan11KWMain fan
4BurnerRS-50HeaterRiyadh road belt ratio adjustment
5Power distribution control cabinetDelta or Siemens systemControl SystemAttached configuration list
6Control boxDelta or Siemens systemControl SystemAttached configuration list
7Boom assemblyStraight arm, U arm, L armMechanical transmissionIncluding gear bearing and base with two sets of inner shaft
8Oven assemblyDiameter (optional)Heating ovenGood heat preservation performance and fast heating
Item Price $, FOB SHANGHAI
KRYD2500 48988
KRYD3000 52551
KRYD3500 56114
KRYD4000 59676
KRYD4500 63239
The production cycle is about 1 month, and the delivery and debugging will take about a week.

The Rock'n'Roll type rotomolding machine is suitable for the production of slender rotomolding products. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high production efficiency, and convenient operation.

Item Price $, FOB SHANGHAI
KRYB2500×8000 42753
KRYB3000×8000 48097
KRYB3500×8000 53442
KRYB4000×8000 58786
KRYB4500×8000 58786
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      Our company was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 10 millions CNY. The company’s team and technical backbone have been engaged in the rotational molding industry for decades. It is a modern economic united entity dedicated to the rotational molding industry for more than 15 years, integrating scientific research, design and development, manufacturing, and trade and investment.

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